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Why hire Alana? 

You might be thinking...


& inspirational

I love helping people thrive at work,

and seeing the results.


My value is in the energy I bring,

and the energy I create in teams around me.


I’ve stepped through some serious mental health issues (Ask me! Studio 10 did, on live national television!).


My story and lived experience has taught me how to create order out of chaos, foster positivity, and help teams flow like a runnin’ river - even under pressure.

How I work

By day, I recently led transformation projects for Westpac, with a history at CommBank and Outward Bound USA. But here’s what I’ve learned: transformation projects only truly work when we transform ourselves, and the people around us. 


Shifting minds and hearts is

essential to realising benefits.


Try putting that in a Scrum Backlog!


So… as well as being hyper-focused on delivery, I work with stories and culture - the pain and the power.


I design culture programs, create & facilitate team workshops and coach people into high performance. 


At CommBank, participants say the Team Days I created with them 13 years ago were the "best days of their career"... I’m proud of that!

Obsessed with

I'd love to share a story with you.

The year was 2008, and I was completing my Commonwealth Bank branch placement on the Central Coast, NSW. I was a Customer Service Specialist, and the next customer I served showed me the letter he held in his hand, where the Bank had written to him to inform that his home loan payments were due to increase.

He was furious.

I kept my cool.

I gently explained that when the RBA changes the cash rate (as they had been doing recently), we did not write to him when his home loan repayments decreased in a falling interest rate environment, but we did write to him when his home loan repayments increased in a rising interest rate environment, so he was actually ahead in his home loan repayments.

He understood, calmed down

and left satisfied with my help.

A few weeks later, I saw the same man in our home lenders office, as he came back to discuss his options for new business on his home loan.

There we have a detractor turned into an attractor through one conversation.

My customer service focus has continued to strengthen across my career, where in my last role, I am happy to report that in the last quarter (six months after I moved to the team), NPS for the Broker Hub website lifted by 10.5 points, a result of the website enhancements myself, my co-worker and my delivery team put into production.

Writing a Sticky Note

Transforming mindsets

I created and host a motivational podcast called "Transformation In A Moment" and my guests include world pioneers who have pathed a new way forward in their respective careers.

The discussions we have on the show, and my solo episodes where I share actionable tips on positive leadership, have transformed listeners' mindsets in a moment where, for example, one listener called me immediately after listening to tell me about their shift.

Not afraid to constructively challenge you

As a Results Coach who has lived experience in the depth of personal failure through to the highs of receiving a CEO Award at CommBank, I am not afraid to say to you "What you're thinking is great, and here's where I think we can also go" in a value add effort to stretch the big picture even further and create exceptional teams.

Hands Up

Culture &
Design palette

I studied a Masters in Anthropology, Cultural Change and Development Studies (partial completion), which enables me to spot the next big idea that will take your people forward.

At Westpac, I was a key player in their team City 2 Surf plan, which was my trojan horse to encourage a more active, action oriented, energetically sustained and connected Home Loans biz which I was part of.

I have dreamt up, designed, facilitated and importantly delivered on countless team sessions - where every time I do one, they ask me back for more in an encore.

Influence at the sky high & Grass roots levelS

After I created and delivered a goals setting workshop for my private corporate coaching client, Informatica, their CEO's office called me to invite me to facilitate their 2 day ASEAN MD conference. (Informatica is a leading global company with over 5,000 employees).

I've worked with adults and youth in challenging Outward Bound wildnerness settings, where I've been with them in their toughest moments, and facilitated an experience for them where they realise there is more in them than they know. Those Outward Bound experiences are remembered positively for their lives. 

Alpinen meadow

These are A few of my favourite roles

Like the sounds of what you're reading? Amazing!

Here are a few roles that we'd be a great match for:

- Executive Manager Transformation

- Executive Manager Engagement

- Executive Manager Culture

- Executive Manager Talent Development

- Chapter Area Lead Learning

- Executive Coach

I'm open to contract and permanent engagements.

Drop me a line at alanamai.mitchell @

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