Business Meeting

To describe Alana is to describe joy. I’ve known Alana for years, first meeting her in the world of financial services and then re-meeting her in the world of coaching and personal development. 


Seeing her extend her skills from managing complicated projects to more recently facilitating online meditation sessions has been nothing short of joyous.


In the month where she led our Tune-in Tuesdays, she revealed the strength in her honesty and vulnerability and held space for people to explore their inner world. 


Now that she’s launched her first book, I look forward to welcoming her again to lead another group. 

- Charbel Zeaiter, Founder

Alana’s coaching course is amazing. She is inspiring, strong, powerful and kind. Her words helped to heal me and I’ll be forever inspired and grateful of the time we spent together during the 8 weeks of my course.

She gave me her undivided attention and support during each call, whether I’d be feeling good or not so good, and it made me feel safe and understood. She helped me see through my pain so that I could experience internal shifts and a change in perspective which meant that I could act accordingly and in a way that was more suited to where I wanted to be.

I would 100% recommend Alana to anyone who is looking to make some major life changes, or internal shifts so that they could see their life grow and flow differently. I absolutely loved my time working with her and I would 100% love to do it again in the near future! Thank you Alana!!

- Aimee Hardwicke (personal client)

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