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An inspired life


I hold over 13 years experience in Financial Services, Digital, Coaching and Facilitation in corporate and wilderness settings.

I have totally recovered from 5 mental health breakdowns across 6 years, where doctors once told me I would be homeless.


I joyfully work at one of the largest banks in Australia, and have previously received a CEO Award at CommBank for my leadership skills.

I went from being $45K in debt, to creating a business venture that led to a six figure salary and I went onto purchase my own home in Sydney, Australia.

Similing Team

I facilitate from joy, and the experience is natural, effortless and genius, where previous participants said those days were "the best days of my career".

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Being brave

the book

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In this personal memoir, I guide you through my darkest hour involving five mental health hospitalisations, and how I rose beyond those circumstances to create a joyful life.

This book is for you if -

  • You love inspirational real-life stories.

  • You are someone who has experienced mental health issues.

  • You love or support someone who has a mental illness.

  • You also wish to rise beyond your circumstances.

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