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Rise into


Are You ready to shift into your highest vibration yet?

Is this you?

  • You feel your talents are going unrecognised.

  • You feel your communication sometimes misses the mark.

  • You know you are being called into a higher purpose.

  • You feel underserved by corporate leadership programs.

  • You feel out of alignment with your current role.

  • You are unsure which area of your brilliance to focus on.

Would you instead love this?

  • To feel authentically aligned in your vision, vibration and purpose.

  • To give highly resonant communication that lands perfectly with your audience.

  • To create your new reality from the inside out and being it to you in the most surprising and delightful ways.

  • To radiate joy because you have uncovered your true nature.

  • To know intuitively that you are the cause of the whole reality you experience.

Rise Into Resonance

Come join this powerful 12 week container to experience the next level version of yourself in this lifetime.

This group starts Monday 19 September 2022 (AEST).

Here's what you'll get:

  • 3 transformative live group calls (2.5 hours each) with 7 other leaders

  • 9 high intensity 1:1 calls (1 hour each) to shift your awareness

  • Close knit private online community to share and uplevel together

INvestment for
the program

$11,250 AUD

Platinum level

Do you love in person experiences to connect and receive high vibes with others? Then I invite you to take up the Platinum level with a

one night + full day in person retreat. Only 6 spots available.

Here's what you'll get on the retreat:

  • Sound bath with singing bowls

  • Guided meditations

  • Luxe boutique retreat space

  • High intensity workshops

  • Luscious and nutritious welcome dinner, breakfast, lunch and snacks

INvestment for
Platnium level

$14,750 AUD

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