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Are You ready to shift into your highest vibration yet?

Is this you?

  • You feel a lack of confidence in important interactions

  • You think you have limiting self beliefs going on

  • You feel your talents are going unrecognised

  • You feel your communication sometimes misses the mark

  • You feel that once the next lot of more resources, time or money drops in, then you will be able to be free

  • You regret some things that you did when you were younger, perhaps much younger, and these feelings are now blocking you

  • You know you are being called into a higher purpose

  • You feel underserved by corporate leadership programs

  • You feel out of alignment with your current role

  • You are unsure which area of your brilliance to focus on

Would you instead love this?

  • To have complete clarity in your mind and future direction

  • To feel authentically aligned in your vision, vibration and purpose

  • To be completely free of your energetic blockages (aka resentments)

  • To give highly resonant communication that lands perfectly with your audience

  • To create your new reality from the inside out and being it to you in the most surprising and delightful ways.

  • To radiate joy because you have uncovered your true nature

  • To know intuitively that you are the cause of the whole reality you experience


Come join this powerful 11 week container to experience the next level version of yourself in this lifetime.

This group starts Monday 4 December 2023 (AEST).

Here's what you'll get:

  • 11 high intensity 1:1 calls (approx 1 hour each) to totally remove your energetic blockages (aka resentments) and shift your awareness

  • 3 transformative live group calls (2.5 hours each) with 5 other participants

  • Close knit private online community to share and uplevel together

Investment for
the program

$8,000 AUD

Platinum level



Would you love to receive a traditional indigenous healing ceremony while on retreat in South Chile?

You can uplevel and add the Mapuche Medicine retreat, where we will meet in Temuco, South Chile in mid March 2024 for a very special 14 day experience.

Evelyn, is the Machi (indigenous healer) who will see you for an energetic reading and the healing ceremony suited to your needs. She will give you spiritual guidance, a physical health check and an assessment of your emotional state. As a real life example, The Machi's healing has completely transformed someone very dear to me and I have recently undergone one of her treatments myself.

In between the reading and the treatment, we will visit nearby stunning Pucon. There you will see the beautiful lakes, go on tranquil hikes and enjoy the hot springs.

Here's what you'll get on the retreat:

  • 2 sessions with the Machi (reading & healing ceremony)

  • Translation of the Machi (she speaks Spanish and the Mapuche language) to English

  • Facilitated sessions to debrief the Machi's reading (in English)

  • Transfers between Temuco airport, the Machi and Pucon

  • Beautiful accommodation in Temuco & Pucon

  • Guided tours in Pucon to explore the area

  • High intensity workshops

  • All meals included

Flights are not included

INvestment for
Platnium level

$12,500 AUD


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