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"I just read Alana's eBook... What an incredible human being. I'm looking forward to sitting down over the weekend and putting pen to paper to answer her questions at the end. Thank you for gifting me the eBook."

"Thank you Alana for the book I received last night. Sat down and read it cover to cover. So well written and from the heart."

"I read your wonderful book and I cried and cried tears of joy as I was so impressed with your writing and how you don't fixate on one thing and you round it up to the bigger picture. Very good especially the last section that will really help people."

"I started the book and couldn't stop until I finished. It's fantastic and genuinely incredible. I love the spiritual messages... Really inspirational for all of us when we have difficulties."

"I want to thank Alana Mai Mitchell for a signed copy of her raw, insightful and moving book Being Brave: From trauma to joy, in which she shares her darkest truths and successes on her mental health journey. I have seen Alana's professional work first hand and applaud her for sharing her truth and vulnerability. Congratulations doesn't seem to be the right word... you have big things coming my friend. Delighted to be part of your cheer squad!"

"I read through your book. It was very inspiring. Certainly you are comparable to the Phoenix and have rose from ashes. With difficult personal and in addition to financial burden can't imagine how well you have managed. I would say it's a must read. Thanks so much for sending me your book. Every time I face a set back I shall take a leaf out from your experience. Definitely you are an inspiration."

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