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Human Ignition

If you would love to see your team being elevated into the highest version of themselves and accelerate their business and personal results, this 12 week high intensity coaching program is for you and your team.

I lead this course from my direct experience of sparking myself out of $45K in debt by creating a venture that led to a six figure salary in a creatively satisfying position at one of Australia's largest banks.

Who your team will BE following Human Ignition:

  • Inspired by their highest purpose

  • Experiencing their highest level of engagement at work across their entire career

  • Hungry and creating dynamic results

  • Not willing to comprise on being their highest joy

  • Birthing the innovations that will transform your customer experience

  • In complete alignment with their goals

  • Masters at the art of Creative Tension

This is structured over 12 weeks, with weekly group workshops, personalised 1:1s and a 1 day retreat (in person or zoom).

To find out more, contact Alana.

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