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This 8 week program is for the tender hearts in your team, the ones who are the quiet achievers, where their silent river runs deep.

With 1 in 5 of Australians experiencing anxiety or depression, and with those feelings even more heightened due to COVID, it is highly likely a few of your team members are experiencing this.

By diving into 100% self acceptance and voicing their story, these people hold incredible insights to share with others. This program will feel the full and transformative impacts learned from my own deep experience of sharing my mental health journey of 5 mental health episodes across 6 years, with hospitalisations each time, and the inspirational influence I had when I shared my story in my book, Being Brave: From trauma to joy.

Given the sensitive nature of this topic, Being Brave is primarily structured around a series of weekly 1:1 coaching conversations with a monthly group workshop to share their dear wins.

To find out more, contact Alana.

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